Game modes

Every battle is divided into an 8 x 8 chessboard. A player can put up to 6 heroes on the board. Players have to rely on the list of heroes they own and arrange an optimal and perfect team-comp to defeat the opponent’s team. There are many different game modes:


Players set a squad of heroes to overcome the stages and receive the rewards such as Items, Tokens, Star Upgrade Gems, Arena Tickets, ...


The PVP arena will be seasonally organized. Each season lasts from 1 week to 2 weeks. Players must have Arena Tickets randomly dropped from PVE maps to join a PVP battle. Players enter the Arena and randomly encounter players of the same level as themselves. At the end of the season, the Top 10 players in the Arena will be rewarded with Tokens from the bonus funds.


The player places an amount of tokens as a bet. During their freight, there will be other players trying to hijack your goods. If the transporter successfully delivers the goods within the shipping time, they will have a chance to double the number of bet tokens. If not, they will lose a 20% number of bet tokens to the one who successfully hijacked them.


Players have turns to hijack the freights every day. If one player successfully hijacks a freight, they will earn 20% of the bet tokens from the players who perform that freight. If it is unsuccessful, the hijacker will lose 5% of the total tokens that they can earn and this loss will be used as the reward to the player who performs that freight.


Players will participate in a 1 VS 5 match. 6 online players will be randomly assigned to 1 room and fight against others.

Note: All the heroes in the player's inventory will be set to 1 star in this mode. The heroes’ stars can be upgraded during the match by buying the same heroes from the store.

Boss Fight

Every day, the BOSS will appear twice in Space Marvel. Players have one free turn each day to deal damage to the BOSS. They can use #SVX to buy more turns. After the time ends, the BOSS will disappear. Players will be rewarded according to the damage they have dealt. The more damage you deal, the more tokens you receive.

Note: All $SVX used for buying turns by players will be put into the BOSS reward pool to distribute back to players.

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