Advanced anti-inflation mechanism

The inflation rate in the Space Marvel economy is controlled with a dual token system, $SVE as the main token and $SVX as the in-game reward system. Using these two tokens with separated utilities will ensure the inflation rate stays at the minimum level.

Another part of the anti-inflation mechanism is integrated with the game’s random prize system (The Wheel of Fortune). There will be a certain percentage that players can receive different kinds of rewards from the match-winning or different levels of heroes from opening the box. This percentage is carefully calculated to ensure the balance between players and reduce inflation.

Multi-chain support

Even though the game and tokens are run on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, Space Marvel also supports Avalanche and Solana, so a variety of players from different networks are able to play Space Marvel.

Diversified NFT system

Space Marvel is an NFT game, so we focused our effort on building a diverse, attractive, and thoughtful NFT system of hundreds of heroes, spaceships, and space stations. Lands in Space Marvel Metaverse can also be purchased with our token to build your own Metaverse.

Engaging Gameplay

The game is developed with an attractive story with various game modes that attract players in the world of Space Marvel. Providing a fair matchmaking mechanism, Space Marvel allows same-level players to be paired and fight with and against each other. Finally, Space Marvel offers a top-notch design delivering players the best experience.

Social Feature

Enjoy the battles with your friends to build a powerful guild, fight against other teams, defeat bosses and conquer the universe. Space Marvel is not only where you play alone but also connect with other teammates from any place in the world.

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