Space Marvel is a game built on the battle of humanity, gods, and evil forces in the conquest of space. Players can immerse into gods, robots, build armies and participate in combat.

Players entering the game will choose their characters to start on the Earth (a safe zone). This allows the players to explore all the basics and the game features except for some large-scale PvP or combat operations outside the arena. Once the players have the means and the confidence to venture out into space, the players can fight freely, join alliances, conquer planets, and establish their own universe.

All planets are real, players can explore, occupy and harvest resources on them. However, moving between galaxies will be very resource-intensive.

In addition, the user can transfer to parallel universes by building ships that cross the rift in spacetime. These parallel universes will be opened in turn according to the game's development roadmap.

Overcoming the rift in spacetime requires a special spaceship. For that, the coordination of many players with different positions and abilities is needed. During traveling over time cracks, players can not leave the spaceships.

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